1st Annual HU Hijabfest 2018


 Hijabfest 2019 - Neelam


About Us


“ The first black person.” 

“The first woman.”

“The first hijabi.” 

Every other day, we hear a congratulatory “first” that reminds us of the struggle for recognition that minorities face.

The need to be accepted, for what one is, rather than what one ought to be. When the “we” of a white patriarchal elite, dismisses the “I” of one’s identity.  

A struggle that Black, Muslim, & Covered girls know too well.

But instead of being the victims of prejudice, here’s how, Hijabis are changing the conversation about Beauty and Islam, with the HU Hijab Fest.

I Am


Save the Date for HU Hijabfest March 2020 Cramton Auditorium